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We read a lot of books on TensorFlow. On this page you’ll find a reviews on them, growing as we review more books. If you have any suggestions, please let us know at

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Learning TensorFlow :: Book Reviews

Learning Data Mining with Python, second revision

By: Robert Layton

Rating: No rating given
TensorFlow included? Included, focus of chapter 11 only

Created by LearningTensorFlow's own Robert Layton, this book is a practical introduction to machine learning in python. You'll learn-by-doing, creating a new project every chapter that introduces new concepts.

TensorFlow For Machine Intelligence: A hands-on introduction to learning algorithms

By: Sam Abrahams, Danijar Hafner, Erik Erwitt, Ariel Scarpinelli, Troy Mott

Rating: 3/5
TensorFlow included? Focus of whole book

This was my first book on TensorFlow, and it was a great introduction to the thinking behind the library. It also was one of the first books on TensorFlow available with a decent depth. This, however is its pitfall - TensorFlow has moved on, and unfortunately books do not auto update. This is the only reason for its lower rating - the book itself was well written, had good information and is presented to a high quality. If a second revision of this book is released, snap it up immediately.

Deep Learning

By: Ian Goodfellow, Yoshua Bengio, Aaron Courville

Rating: 5/5
TensorFlow included? Not included

If you want to learn about the theory of deep learning, this book needs to be on your reading list. It is dense, with lots of information, and is definitely a text book. Get some friends, organise a study group and work through this book. You'll come out the other side an expert on deep learning. That said, the book is pretty much all theory, and you'll need to do some extra programming work to put those learnings into practice.

Deep Learning with Python

By: Nikhil Ketkar

Rating: 3/5
TensorFlow included? No, but Theano and Keras is used

This book is a good introduction to neural networks and a good book for those wanting the theory, but not in the detail of "Deep Learning" by Goodfellow et al. Overall the book will date quickly code-wise (Theano is being discontinued) but it still has good introductions to the core concepts of deep learning.

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